People ask me, “Why “WARBIRD”?

The bird known as the Great Frigate Bird, was long known as the “Man O War Bird” by old time fisherman in the south Pacific.

The “Man O War Bird” had a reputation for harassing other sea birds as they were flying with their fresh caught fish, until they would drop their catch, and the “Man O War Bird” would on the fly, swoop down and catch it while still in the air.

The Frigate Bird's feathers are not waterproof...strange for a sea bird. As fisherman observed their behavior, it became clear that the best place for the Warbird to find other birds that were fishing, was to stay high and scan the waters for low flying birds eating bait off the surface of the ocean.

The Warbird knows, “Find the Birds, find the fish”. For the Warbird to survive it had to spend countless hours and days, searching the oceans for birds to prey on. To do that, it developed the ability to stay air born for days at a time, sometimes over 30 days at a time, searching so it could eat.

The Warbird was designed with a long wingspan that allows it to ride the wind and was also created to have amazing eyesight. The Frigate Bird represents strength and ability to last long when in flight.

As a totem animal, the Frigate Bird symbolizes one of an ability to persevere and outlast any other. The old fisherman will always tell you, “if you want to be good at anything, you need to put your time in, spend days on the water, and look for birds.”

From an outdoor lifestyle perspective, the same is true.  We all need to persevere in our endeavors, overcome our challenges, and take pride in our accomplishments. We as a community of Warbirds, cherish and help protect our great outdoors, and the memories we create while enjoying it.

Prepare hard, meet your challenge, exit victorious.



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